Powerwave-driven well stimulations commence in Colombia
Monday, Jan 29, 2018
Global oil producer kicks off initial five well campaign

Wavefront Technology Solutions, a global leader in the advancement of fluid injection technology for oil and gas well stimulation and Improved/Enhanced oil (“IOR/EOR”) recovery, is pleased to announce that the Powerwave Odyssey Custom Well Stimulation (“POCS”) campaign previously announced October 17, 2017 in Colombia has commenced.

The client is a major global oil producer that has been active in Colombia for more than 40 years and has approximately 3,000 active producing and injecting wells in the country. The Powerwave Odyssey Custom Well Stimulations are being held in the La Cira field where there are approximately 1,400 active producing and injecting wells. The five well POCS campaign is anticipated to be completed by March-April 2018. Due to confidentiality the Company cannot release terms and conditions associated with the POCS.

One of the greatest challenges in reservoir stimulation (and a key strength of Wavefront’s Powerwave technology) is placing the treatment fluid where it is needed most. Superior fluid placement with Wavefront’s POCS approach is achieved by creating high-energy fluid pulses that propel liquids deep into the reservoir. These dynamic fluid pulses allow the treatment fluids to be diverted away from established flow paths – something typically not obtainable with other stimulation approaches. The uniqueness of Powerwave is unparalleled in the oil field service sector and the technology’s growing track-record of success is driving customer acceptance and demand.

“Increasing global demand for Powerwave is a key component of Wavefront’s strategy and we are very pleased to have this five well POCS campaign get underway in Colombia,” said Wavefront President and CEO Brett Davidson. “We are confident that post-stimulation results associated with POCS will be as successful as the results generated elsewhere and will lead to a larger uptake of Powerwave by the client and other producers in Colombia.”

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